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Meet David Powell: The man behind Components of Love

David Powell is a consultant providing services to businesses and non-profit organizations.  He has an MBA from Xavier University and a degree in Welding Engineering from Ohio State University.

David met Dr. Hunter Shirley in 1993 as a result of finding his book "Mapping the Mind" in the University of Cincinnati library.  Dr. Shirley moved to Cincinnati to work with David that year.  This resulted in the first "Components of Love" seminars.  Since then, Dr Shirley passed in 2010, and David has continued to explore the ideas developed by Dr. Shirley.

Dr. Shirley's book, "Mapping the Mind" is the sort of psychology book only engineers could love.  He presented his ideas in ways that lead to real scientific inquiry, though his basic approach is shockingly Jungian for a behavioral psychologist.  Hunter relied upon observations of people who's language he didn't speak to develop his model. He sorted and classified these behaviors, gestures, and displays of anxiety, aggression and seeking behaviors to build a model of the human mind.  And, the result is fascinating.


This model, while not perfect - none are, gives humans the ability to discern not only the emotions that others around them are displaying, but to interpret this into meaning in powerful ways.  Amazingly, these observations give us ways to understand Myers-Briggs types, the source of the concepts of yin and yang, Kabbalah and even the Bible itself!

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